Memphis Minnie's Seeks Compensation for Van Damaged During Giants Celebration

Monday night's street celebrations in the Lower Haight may have been peaceful, but they did claim at least one victim — the Memphis Minnie's van.

Apparently all that impromptu rooftop partying caused some damage, including, according to at least one observer, a caved-in roof.

Now, the GM of Memphis Minnie's has posted a comment on Haighteration asking for the public's help in tracking down those rooftop revellers, in the hopes of recuperating some funds for the van's repair.

Quoth Ben:

Hello all. This is Ben, the GM from Memphis Minnie's. While Bob and I ejoy a good time as the next person, we are extremely disapointed in the Freshman assholes who thought that destroying a local merchant's vehicle was prudent conduct in the revelry that followed the amazing Giants win. For that reason I am offering a reward for any infomation that leads me to these little punks. I will not press charges or hurt them but I will insist that they pay my deductible for the insurance claim. And all this after Memphis Minnie's gave the neighborhood free food for a day last Tuesday. Thanks for showing your appreciation.

While we spotted a rotating cast of characters mounting and dismounting the van, which would probably make it a challenge to hold any one individual liable, we certainly feel for the good folks at Minnie's.

If you have any info for 'em, send it on over to

(And feel free to split that reward with us — especially if it happens to come in pulled-pork form.)

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Memphis minnies seeks compensation for van damaged during giants celebration