Solve the Great Train Whistle Mystery, Win a Shirt!

OK gang, it's time to wake up Velma and throw on your best ascot, cuz there's a mystery afoot!

And if you're the first to solve it, you'll win yourself more than just a Scooby snack.

On Monday, we posted a story about the mysterious train whistle sound that sporadically plagues the Lower Haight, hoping someone could help us identify the sound's elusive origin.

Commenters report hearing the sound everywhere from Western Addition to the Sunset to Noe Valley. And speculation about the source is literally all over the map — from Caltrain on the east, to the Point Bonita lighthouse on the west.

The most plausible theory appears to be that it's a modified car horn — perhaps a project of some eccentric "tinkerer." And since a few readers specifically report being faux-train-blasted somewhere on Fulton, we're thinking that's probably the most likely home of this locomotive-loco local. (see what we did there?)

With all these theories flying around, today we're going to up the ante.

The first person to send us definitive proof of the source of this sound will win themselves a very sexy, very rare Haighteration t-shirt.

Hopefully you didn't faint there. If so, our apologies.

What is "definitive proof," you ask? Well, it could be video of the horn in action, or audio from the lighthouse or Caltrain, or a photo of the tinkerer with his contraption (if such a tinkerer exists) — it just has to be solid evidence of the sound's true source. Final determination of a winner will be up to us, of course, but we'll probably know real evidence when we see it. So, don't try to fake us out with some random youtube clip, mmkay?

If you think you've got the winning proof, email it to us at tips [at] haightertion {{dot}} com. We'll keep the contest open until there's a winner. Hopefully that will be soon, and hopefully that winner will be you.

Well? What are you waiting for? Git investigatin'!