Breaking: "Pretty Serious" Assault on Page Street This Morning

Note: We'll be updating this story as we receive more information. Scroll down for the latest.

We're getting multiple tips from readers about an assault that occurred on Page Street between Fillmore and Webster this morning around 10:30am. Details are sketchy, with readers claiming there was a stabbing or shooting, and one or more people may have been injured. One reader says police told her there was a "pretty serious assault" and that it was unknown if there were fatalities at this time. The entire block is currently taped off.

We have contacted police and are working to get more details, and will update accordingly.

Update 12:55pm:

A police spokesman tells us they received a call around 10:50am about a "fight or argument" between two men on Page Street. The men apparently knew each other, and were described as 30-40 years old to the police, though police couldn't confirm the ages.

One of the men hit the other with a shovel — it is unclear at this point how many times.

Then the victim, who had a knife on him, stabbed the other man — also unclear how many times.

Both men were transported to the hospital with injuries described as "grave" and "life-threatening."

Several homicide investigators and police officers are currently on Page, much of which is still taped off.

We also noticed an area of Fillmore between Haight and Page outside of Silky Touch nail salon taped off, with several police cars involved, but it is unclear at this point how this may be connected to the incident.

Here are some photos from the scenes.

First, on Fillmore:

Then, the scene on Page:

Note the shovel on the sidewalk in the last photograph — presumably (but not definitely) the one used in the attack.

We'll update with any additional information.

Update 5:26pm:

KGO-TV is reporting that the stabbing victim has died.

They should have more on the story during tonight's 6pm broadcast.