Sweater-Clad Chihuahua Sparks Upper Haight Shooting

We now present quite possibly the most ridiculous crime story we've ever covered.

This one falls outside of our usual reporting area, but based on the sheer number of emails we've received about it, we felt obligated to do a quick post.

Here are the basics, as reported by SF Appeal and a few tips from readers:

A man, (identified only as "Mike"), brought his chihuahua (or possibly corgi, identified only as "Gizmo,"), into Fred's New Lite Supermarket at Haight and Masonic yesterday afternoon.

One of the market's employees, Sam Kazzouh, either kicked Gizmo or brushed the dog aside with his foot, depending on the account. This somehow eventually led to Kazzouh shooting Mike in the back.

Mike stumbled out to the sidewalk and collapsed. He was taken to SF General Hospital for surgery, and his status is unclear at this time. Kazzouh was arrested.

Oh also, the Examiner reports that Gizmo is "chubby," and was wearing a "pink polka-dotted sweater" at the time of the incident.

We don't mean to sound glib about what is a very serious, potentially fatal act of violence in our vicinity, but... well... yeah.

So, there you go.

Update 9:55am: Twitterer @jashsf points us to a KTVU video showing footage of Gizmo, who, despite all media reports claiming him to be a chihuahua, appears to possibly be a corgi:

Any dog experts want to weigh in?