Bizarre Overnight Accident Leaves Mini Cooper Flipped on Steiner

Several readers alerted us to a puzzling car accident which occurred a little before 2:30am this morning on Steiner near Germania, which left a Mini Cooper lying upside-down in the middle of the street.

The aftermath of the accident was first captured at 2:27am by Twitter user @woogieman with the caption, "Everybody's okay":


Reader Martin L., who lives on Steiner, emails Haighteration with some additional details:

"I heard a loud crash and car horn that went on (and continued to stay suppressed down for the next 10 minutes). I bolted up out of bed and ran to the front of my house to peer outside my living room window to see a black Mini Cooper completely flipped upside down directly in front of my house. About 30 seconds later I saw my next door neighbor come running out of his place and into the street to peer inside the upside down Mini to make sure here wasn't anybody still inside. Nobody was inside anymore. Went outside and talked to the few neighbors that were gathered outside and everybody was just as puzzled as me. Nobody had a clue what had happened. No other cars out on the street involved. Just this upside down Mini."

Martin suspects that the Mini hit a nearby Jeep as it traveled south on Steiner, but there's little evidence of any impact.

"There was a Jeep Grand Cherokee parked right in front of my place that had been pushed about 5-6 feet forward and slightly towards the sidewalk. So clearly the Mini somehow hit this Jeep and flipped. The crazy part is the side of this Jeep that was facing the street had almost no damage. No denting, no plastic turn signals shattered. Almost no sign anything had touched it except for the fact that it was pushed 6 feet forward and was now partially blocking my driveway. Very odd. Nobody could really figure it out."

Meanwhile, Haighteration reader MissyB sends in this photo of firemen at the scene:


Fortunately, it sounds as though no one was seriously hurt in the accident. MissyB notes:

"The firefolks arrived way before the police.. We only saw it because we were half asleep and heard the horn going nonstop and looked out the window to see this... The guy was standing on the Germania corner arguing with the firemen about not wanting to go to the hospital. (he did.) If he was injured, he didn't think so."

MissyB is just as baffled by the accident as Martin is, adding:

"No idea how this could've happened.. There didn't seem to be a collision of any kind?"

And Martin reiterates:

"Cops and firefighters were equally confused as to what happened. Everybody was baffled."

Martin L.

Finally, MissyB snapped some photos of the Mini Cooper being unflipped:

Martin L.

We'll update this post with any additional details.