Casino Raffle, Art Opening at Lower Haight Galleries Tonight

From exactly 7pm to 10pm tonight, two very different art events will be in full effect in the Lower Haight.

The first involves baby dolls. Which, if you ask us, are just plain creepy.

Apparently L.A.-based artist Shawn Barber feels the same way, judging by his new show "Youth of Today," which opens tonight at Fecal Face (248 Fillmore).

According to the gallery, the show was inspired by Barber's belief that young people in America are saturated with "sadness fueled by the projected facade of synthetic surreality." That sadness is manifested in eleven of Barber's beautifully rendered, exquisitely disturbing paintings, which will be on display at the gallery through August.

And now for something completely different. Just a couple of blocks away, Lower Haters (597 Haight) hosts a free casino art raffle.

Take a chance at a card game or the Lower Haters roulette table, and you just might walk home with original artwork or prints. And did we mention it's free? We did, didn't we...

So there you have it: luck be a lady tonight, or yuck see a baby tonight — something for everyone. Happy Friday!