Concert for Waller Street Fire Victims Tomorrow Night

A slew of Bay Area bluegrass, country, and roots musicians are coming together tomorrow night for a special concert to benefit victims of the July 20th fire which badly damaged a house on Waller Street.

434-436 Waller was home to three local musicians — Pam Brandon, Tom Drohan, and Gayle Schmitt. On the evening of July 20th, around 6:30pm, a fire broke out at the house. The fire, which was determined not to be suspicious, began on the ground floor of the house and spread all the way to the roof before firefighters were finally able to bring it under control at 7:54pm.

Fortunately, none of the residents were home at the time (a housesitter was present, but escaped unharmed), but the fire rendered the house uninhabitable and destroyed many of the residents' personal possessions.

While they owned the building, and did have insurance, it won't be clear for some time what will be covered and what won't. And many reimbursements won't be made available until renovations are complete.

Furthermore, as one of the organizers put it to us, "[t[hey’re upright people who’ve done their share of good causes for the community, and their friends want to help them out in their time of need."

Thus tomorrow night's benefit concert, featuring many of Pam, Tom, and Gayle's fellow musicians from the local bluegrass and country scenes.

Dubbed "Twang to the Rescue," the show at Cafe du Nord will feature musical acts including Windy Hill, The Royal Deuces, Facebook page.