Haighteration's Biggest Story of 2011

This week, we're counting down our five biggest stories of the year — measured in traffic, comments, "likes" and tweets. These are the stories that garnered the most attention, caused the most fuss, or tickled your collective funnybones the most in 2011.

Our biggest story of 2011 wasn't about a fire, a murder, a beloved shop closing or a new restaurant opening. It wasn't about a movie shoot, a fatal car accident, new murals or mysterious swings. It wasn't about Bi-Rite or Chase, Maven or Greenburger's. And it certainly wasn't a weekend quiz.

No, our biggest story was about something seemingly silly — but for some reason, it struck a nerve. Sites all over the world picked this one up, making it our most-viewed story ever, with nearly double the traffic of the runner-up.

Today, we present the biggest Haighteration story of 2011, reposted in its entirety.

Mad Dog Installs California's First Self-Serve Beer Table

Original post date: July 1, 2011

If you love drinking beer, but not waiting, standing, or asking for it, then check this out.
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Mad Dog in the Fog (530 Haight) has installed an awe-inspiring innovation, the TableTender — which they say is the first of its kind in California.

Situated near the front window of the bar, the otherwise-normal table features two taps in its center (both pouring Widmer, or at least branded that way), which allow customers to pour to their hearts' and thirsts' delights.

According to TableTender's website, "the amount of beer dispensed is recorded and displayed on a meter at the table, enabling both the consumer and wait-staff to monitor consumption." When you're done, you settle your tab in cash on a per-ounce basis.

The table is currently reserved for parties of 8 or more, and can be booked per hour or per event. There's a two-drink minimum purchase per person.

Could the TableTender change your next trivia night, game-watching party, or after-work happy hour for the better (and boozier)? Absolutely. For more info, swing by Mad Dog and chat with a server — and if you try out the table, let us know how it goes!