Introducing Hayeswire

Hey neighbors to the east-northeast! Do you like Haighteration, but wish it included way more hot Hayes Valley content? Well, have we got a blog for you.

Today we're launching Hayeswire, the Hayes Valley version of Haighteration.

Hayeswire will cover all the ins and outs of Hayes Valley in the same way that Haighteration does for the Lower Haight. It'll have a similar look and feel, and the same general balance of content.

One difference is that Hayeswire will be edited by Jared Schwartz, a fantastic writer and Hayes Valley resident who is already well-known for his prolific tweets under a pseudonym he's sworn us not to reveal. Jared will be joined by co-editor Allen Raulet, a fellow writer and designer with a particular passion for Hayes Valley personalities and history.

So, if you enjoy Haighteration, and/or live in Hayes Valley, give Hayeswire a try. You can like it on Facebook and follow it on Twitter. And if you have any tips, story ideas, or feedback, send them Jared's way. Jared [at] hayeswire {{dot}} com.