La Vie en Brie: French Cheese Shop Getting Patio & Liquor License

Gourmet & More, a cheese and gourmet shop at 141 Gough, is opening its back patio to patrons within the next two weeks, and additionally has applied for a liquor license to serve wine and beer to its customers.

The back patio is being renovated and looks to open by the end of the month. There will be seating for 20-25 people and you can even reserve the space for small groups any time during business hours.

After the patio opens and until the liquor license is approved, you can bring your own bottle of wine and open it yourself and they won't even charge a corking fee. Just make sure you buy some meat or cheese to go with your Petite Syrah.

olive you

Josiane and Laurent Recollon opened Gourmet & More last November after being a whole seller in San Leandro for the past six years.

When asked why they decided to open up a shop after being in business for years, Josiane said, "We've been importing cheese directly from France for years and really wanted our own store, like a fromage in Paris." Over 90% of the store's inventory gets shipped from France to the States then transported to their store.

cheese, please

The heart of the store is the Fromagerie (cheese shop) which can be found in the back corner of the long and narrow store. This refrigerated room carries a wide and diverse assortment and nothing is prepared beforehand. Everything is available to be sampled, sliced and packaged to your specific liking.

Their Fromagerie currently provides the cheese for many Bay Area restaurants including Bisou and Cafe De La Presse. And Chef Roland Passot of La Folie insists on stopping by in the morning to pick out cheese himself.

antique signs from Paris

In addition to the cheese and upcoming wine & beer, the store sells an assortment of cookies, crackers, macarons, Spanish olive oil, meats and frozen goods. And they also make fresh sandwiches and coffee at the bar in the back of the store as well.

espresso for two, please

If you like cheese, this shop could be your dream come true. Unless you're lactose intolerant. In which case, this shop could be your dream come true only after you take these. Bon App├ętit!