Rain Check

In our experience, the fastest way to make the rain stop is to finally buy that umbrella.

Since it's going to rain forever and ever amen, here is a short list of places to buy an umbrella on Haight Street.

Cal Surplus: 1541 Haight – 415-861-0404 (They also sell good cheap rain boots.)
American Apparel: 1615 Haight – 415-431-4038
Robert's Hardware: 1816 Haight – 415-221-4142
Stuf (The place with the giant purse hanging out front): 1612 Haight – 415-551-7883
Cheap Thrills: 1687 Haight – 415-252-5687 (ALERT: They normally sell them, but they're out right now.)

And of course, you can always try your luck at the Goodwill. Let us know if we missed any!

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Rain check