Four Barrel's Divisadero Cafe/Bakery Gets a Name

The hotly-anticipated Four Barrel Coffee / Josey Baker Bread collaboration at 736 Divisadero finally got a name this weekend — and it's not "Four Barrel."

Instead, the cafe/bakery (cafakery?) will be called "The Mill."

Josey Baker, who is amazingly also a baker, revealed the name in a blog post on Saturday. According to Baker, the name comes from the Austrian-made grain mill that his team will use to make whole grain flours, which they will then turn into "bread. and scones. and coffee cakes. and cookies. and whatever the hell else we feel like." OK!

Baker tells us that although the space will be shared between Four Barrel and Josey Baker Bread, the businesses will remain somewhat independent.

"FourBarrel will do the coffee, Josey Baker Bread will do the bakery. It's a collaborative project, and while we're excitedly holding hands, we're also maintaining independence as separate businesses... The bakery and coffee areas will be separate, but with no hard border between them. the rest of the space is for people like you to chill out and enjoy your toast and coffee."

The Mill is now aiming for a July opening. Stay tuned...