A New Spanish Food & Wine Shop Opening at 500 Laguna

After being on the market for almost a year, 500 Laguna, the old home of Blo Salon, has finally been leased.

Krista Avery and her business partner, Manuel Bargiela, will be opening their Spanish food & wine market called Nosa Ria.

Much like the French shop Gourmet & More on Gough, they'll be offering up yet another culinary vacation from your diet with the likes of acorn fed jamón ibérico, vino español and gourmet items only found on the Iberian Peninsula.

They tell us that they're still in the planning stages and will be navigating the "thorough" permit process on a few fronts which could take a few months.

So until then, prepare your belly to be spoiled yet again by our ever-increasing food choices.

Including Nosa Ria, eight different countries will be gastronomically represented within two blocks. Can you name them?

1. French
2. Lebanese
3. Japanese
4. Italian
5. German
6. American
7. Greek/Mediterranean
8. Spanish

We're wondering if there is any other part of San Francisco that boasts such a dense international food representation. If there is, let us know.