Chinese Restaurant Coming to Lower Haight?

You may have heard some tasty rumblings that a Chinese restaurant might be coming to the northwest corner of Haight and Fillmore. Well, it looks like those rumblings might be true.

A recent legal notice reveals a new tenant for 500 Haight Street, which is currently occupied (but effectively unused) by the Indian restaurant Clay Oven.

The new tenant: "Wonderland Restaurant."

The filing is attributed to one Ningzhe Wen, who until recently was listed as the owner of Wild Pepper, a Chinese restaurant located on 26th Street between Guerrero and Valencia in the Mission.

We've never been to Wild Pepper, nor do we know whether Wonderland will feature a similar vibe or menu, which Yelp reviewers describe as "straight up american chinese food" with "huge portions" and "pretty reasonable" prices.

Our efforts to contact Wen have thus far proven fruitless. But rest assured, when we know more, we'll pass it along.