New Shop for All Your Tie-Dye Needs

You may have noticed that half of Braindrops is gone. Here's the deal.

James Preston, "a mandalist, designer, collector, and visionary artist", and owner of Positively Haight Street, took over the lease for the boutique half of Braindrops, and converted it into a home for his hand-crafted tie-dyed originals. They opened a few weeks ago, so we headed over to see how things are going.

According to the bio on his website, James's tapestries have been featured in movies like Forrest Gump, Grateful Dead album covers, and even on the flagpole at San Francisco City Hall. The one pictured above is hanging in a little alcove in the new shop, and changes color as the lights change, for a pretty rad effect.

The store is already jam-packed with tapestries and clothing, and they say they'll also be carrying kids clothes and yoga gear soon.

They've got some jewelry, too, from artist Grisel Martinez. She mostly works in feather and leather, and, according to her website, her stuff is hand-crafted and sweatshop-free.

As of this writing, they're still getting settled, and not planning any grand opening yet. They promised to let us know if they do, though.

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New shop for your tie dye needs