Updates from the Burrito Beat

San Franciscans rejoice: the pantheon of Upper Haight restaurants is about to be restored.

For anyone disappointed that the already slim selection of Mexican restaurants in the Upper Haight took a 30% blow this spring when El Balazo closed, this should be excellent news.

Here's the skinny: when El Balazo went out of business in March, the business (fixtures included) went up on the market to potential investors. El Faro, the long-established San Francisco micro-chain anchored in the Mission (which advertises itself, famously, as having served San Francisco's first burrito), bought the restaurant fixtures and is getting ready to move on in.

There are also indications that the building itself is either in the process of changing hands or else about to do so, as we reported it would way back when. There's a new scaffold up for the building face to get painted, and El Faro's already posted a phone number in the window for prospective employees to call about hiring.

We'll tell you when they're open. Meanwhile, breathe a sigh of relief that the great near Upper Haight burrito shortage is coming to an end.