Behind the Big Screen at the Red Vic

We promised to keep you updated on the Red Vic Movie House's progress, so, jump in.

Owner Jack Rix was kind enough to let us sneak in and snap some photos of the demo in progress. They got a "soft demo" permit, which means they've been able to start doing some bits and pieces.

For now, as you can see, they've cleared the space.

Jack tells us they're trying to keep the old screen, which is still in great condition (though it will be on a different wall when the space reopens), and that they'll keep one or two of the old couches for posterity.

Remember how Alembic is moving into the lobby space? It turns out that Alembic's floors are a different height than the Red Vic's, which is but one of a few problems that Jack and Betsy are still currently working out.

When we went in, we were feeling awfully sentimental about the old theater. But! Jack's unrelenting enthusiasm for the future of the space was infectious, and we left excited to see what's next. He promised to let us keep coming back to take photos as the construction progresses, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you get lonely for the good old days of the Red Vic, you can go to on KALW's website. Jack was on last week, in case you missed it, talking about the movies, the mechanics, and the business of running the indie theater.