Table for One: Dining Solo in the Lower Haight

Whether we need to get out of our apartment on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, or perhaps break up our work week with a long lunch, we're big fans of going out to eat in our neighborhood — often in the middle of the day and often by ourselves.

Now before you look at us with that sad-puppy face, take a moment to read about these neighborhood hotspots and you’ll start to see why “A Table for One” is an experience not to be missed in The Lower Haight.

We decided to visit a few different restaurants in the neighborhood and profile the individual qualities, from the menu to the overall atmosphere, that make them the perfect places to grab lunch with nothing but a good book or magazine to keep you company.



When noshing alone, sometimes the whole "Wait To Be Seated" thing can be a bit much. That's why Greenburger's "Order at The Counter & Seat Yourself" model is perfect.

Daily specials ensure the menu will never get stale and the cafeteria-style seating is super casual and inviting. Again, light is important! The floor to ceiling windows facing Haight Street provide ample natural light, great people watching and a comfortable, open atmosphere. Get there early, snag a four top and spread out your newspaper.


Nopalito is a solo-diner's paradise.

First, the staff is amazing. They always welcome a one-top and treat you as if you're a party of 6. This is important; you never want to get the stink-eye when you say "It's just me today!"

The abundance of natural light, the open kitchen and countertop seating make you feel right in the middle of what's happening and amongst great company — even when you're alone. The menu offers plenty of small bites, like the Taco de Pescado al Pastor and the Gordita de Picadillo - both perfect for a light lunch for one.

Café du Soleil

When the sun is shining, there's one key consideration to make when selecting a spot for lunch: outdoor seating! Grabbing a chair on the sidewalk outside Café du Soleil is perfect when you want to catch a few rays with your meal. Order at the counter, get your number and relax outside. Match the open-air ambiance with an open-faced sandwich. We’ve tried them all at this point, and they're sure to hit the spot. We especially recommend the Ham/Gruyere/Béchamel.


These are 3 solid solo-lunch spots we love! But we know there are plenty more in the hood, so... what are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.