"Cold Pitchers, Hot Catchers" - Goodbye Lime, Hello Hi Tops

The sun has set on one of Castro's (maybe San Francisco's) most notorious "bridge and tunnel" bars, Lime, and is giving rise to Castro's first gay sports bar, Hi Tops. A name that, no doubt, conjures up thoughts of hot athletic gay men of a certain positional preference who are just stopping in to catch the game and a few brewskies. The consensus among gay men in the Castro, so far, is that it will be filled with bottoms.

In the photo above photo taken from the glass windows facing out to Market street from the booze and cruise headquarters, we can see that the location is confirmed as Hi Tops under the liquor license applicant, Double Tap, LLC whose managing, acting officer is Jesse Woodward, a handsome fellow many of us may have seen out a few times before. Jesse touts a CPA license in California on his LinkedIn profile and will no doubt have better luck at managing the finances at Hi Top than former Lime owner Greg Bronstein.

The Huffington Post contributor Robin Wilkey spoke with Woodward who gave a brief hint at what we can expect from the drink menu,

"We'll have drinks named in honor of local athletes, post-workout protein drinks with booze in them--stuff like that."

Nom. The renovations obviously don't stop at the drink menu, Woodward also spilled that inside,
"Everything will be completely redone, ... The bar will have a 1970s high school gymnasium theme. We're thinking metro athletic with playful, references to locker rooms and masculinity."

While there is no confirmed date of opening we can find, construction of the renovations does not seemed to have taken place yet, but that hasn't stopped us from readying our basketball shorts, ball caps and tennis shoes already.

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