Oh Hey, It's PARK(ing) Day

If you notice people relaxing in the street today while cars whiz past obliviously, don't panic. It's just PARK(ing) Day.

PARK(ing) Day is an annual event in which people reclaim parking spaces and turn them into temporary public parks.

Here in the neighborhood, the only event we've heard of today will be a lemonade-fueled lounge at Page and Scott, co-hosted by Lemonopoly and those wily rascals at the Wigg Party. From 10am to 6pm, enjoy free fresh-squeezed lemonade "spiked with simple syrups flavored with herb concoctions, such as thyme and lavender, basil and peppercorn, hibiscus and lemon verbena."

If you know of any other PARK(ing) Day events in the Lower Haight today, do let us know in the comments, won't you?