Tully's Coffee Closing in Cole Valley

On Sunday, Tully's of Cole Valley will close its doors, along with every other Tully's location in the city except for the one at 2455 Fillmore.

After some asking around, our Cole Valley local expert, Patricia Corrigan, determined that the Cole Valley closing is but a blip in what turns out to be a nearly citywide Tully's shutdown.

The Cole Valley storefront will be holding a silent auction on Sunday from 11 to 2 to help raise money for the suddenly unemployed baristas.

While it's unclear exactly why the city's Tully's are closing down, we think it's safe to assume that San Francisco just isn't very friendly anymore to franchise coffee shops. Other than Peet's, of course. (Try explaining to a tourist why you don't have a Starbuck's in walking distance.)

So goodbye, Tully's, and hello, whatever else. Drink up.