Castro's Giants' Celebration Aftermath: Thousands of Dollars in Damages

We're sad to report that the celebration for the City's beloved baseball team, The Giants', winning the World Series over the Detroit Tigers in the Castro has left two non-profits and two businesses with broken windows and everyone shaking their heads wondering, 'why'?

Post win thousands poured into the streets all over San Francisco including the Castro. Within an hour the GLBT Historical Museum, San Francisco Magnet-San Francisco AIDS Foundations Gay men's health care center and Harvey's Bar-all located on 18th street between Castro and Collingwood-had huge plate glass windows smashed by celebrating  vandal/'fans'. These massive, plate glass, windows will cost thousands of dollars each to replace and will deplete already limited budgets on the part of the all those effected. On the main strip, Outfit on Castro Street, also experienced the wrath of the vandals having had their wooden, front door windows smashed out as well.

What a disappointment and sad turn of events on a day when we all should be enjoying the afterglow of winning such a coveted event. Instead Magnet and the GLBT Museum were shuttered today due to the damage.

We hope anyone that saw what happened can help the SFPD find and arrest the culprits who attacked our own. If you have a tip on who these vandals are you can leave it anonymously HERE. If you took pictures while the damage was happening you can also forward those anonymously or send them to us and we'll post them. This is not how SF Queers celebrate success. We as a community cannot condone or be complicit in this type of outrageous behavior.

If you can donate to the GLBT Historical Society or Magnet just click the highlighted names here and you'll be linked directly to help defray the large dent this will put in their non-profit budgets. Help Harvey's out by stopping by and having a bite or a drink to support them and offset the huge cost of replacing these windows. Stop by Outfit on Castro Street and check out their selection of fine clothes and consider making a purchase.

Magnet SF

Harvey's Windows. Photo: Gerard Koskovich

Outfit on Castro Street

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