Committee Approves Supervisor Wiener's Nudity Ban

Nude woman speaking out in opposition to Supervisor Wiener's nudity ban

Supervisors Scott Wiener, Sean Elsbernd and Carmen Chu (Christine Olague was a no show) voted to support Supervisor Wiener's legislation on banning public nudity in San Francisco and moved it on to the full Board.

The 10AM City Operations and Neighborhood Services meeting lasted 2 hours, had an overflow audience in another room and the majority of the thoughtful public comments were opposed to the legislation on various merits. Opponents were from all walks of life (straight, LGBT, married, single, with or w/o children of all ages, from local, state & national associations).

If the legislation is approved by the full board, it will establish fines that will start at $100 and rise for additional offenses within a year. Violators would not be required to register as sex offenders.

Watch the proponents and opponents voice their opinions regarding the legislation with the supervisors.

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