Muni-Only Lanes Coming to Church Street Tomorrow

A three-block stretch of Church Street, from Duboce to 16th Street, will be seeing some big changes starting tomorrow.

California Beat reports that the two center lanes of traffic, both northbound and southbound, will be painted red and designated for use only by Muni vehicles and taxis.

For drivers, this means your ability to make left turns at 15th and 16th Streets will be limited, and you'll risk getting ticketed if you enter the transit-only lanes.

The makeover is known as the Church Street Rapid Pilot program, an attempt by the SFMTA to reduce delays and improve service in the area. This section of Church Street is notoriously sluggish traffic-wise (the above photo notwithstanding), and the hope is that Muni-only lanes will help speed up service on the J-Church and 22-Fillmore lines.

The Church Street project could be replicated in other congested areas of the city if it proves effective. So if you experience a speedier Muni commute along Church Street in the coming days and weeks, come back here and let us know, won't you?