OK, Let's Talk About the Gunfire

On Saturday night and into Sunday morning, many residents reported hearing an unusual amount of gunfire in the neighborhood.

By "unusual," we sadly don't just mean greater than none, but a lot — one spate around 8:30pm, and another closer to 2am, all near Page and Webster.

We spoke with the SFPD on Sunday, and were told that the shots fired were classified as just that — "shots fired." No one was injured, no one was arrested, no weapons recovered. So, there was no real news to report.

And yet.

(Allow your editor to editorialize for a sec...)

There are people firing guns in the Lower Haight. At each other? At strangers? Into the air? Into the streets? We don't know. Does it matter?

It shouldn't require someone getting injured or killed to get us talking about the state of the neighborhood. We were mistaken in not reporting it, because to label it as not being newsworthy is to imply that we somehow think it's normal. Which we don't.

So we turn this post over to you, readers. If you want to talk about Saturday night's shootings, go for it. If you have suggestions for making the Lower Haight safer, or feedback for the police, let us know and we'll do our best to pass it along.

And if by some chance you think things are safe enough, that a certain level of gunplay is normal in a diverse neighborhood, we want to hear that too. We reserve the right to disagree with you though.