Sports Brutality

So, everybody's heard (or seen) by now the story circulating about the morons who torched a Muni bus the night of the Giants game.

That same night, a man was beaten at Haight and Masonic. He went to the hospital with head trauma, and a few days later, he died.

The man, who was 37 years old, was out celebrating with his friends. Shortly after the Giants won the World Series he was attacked with "a metal object," according to what he told his friends. He went to the hospital with severe head trauma, and a few days later, he died.

After the bus torching and public displays of drunken sports-fan idiocy, there's been a minor public (i.e. Facebook) outcry about moronic fans getting carried too far, but somehow, this story slipped through the cracks; what's as alarming as the story is the ease with which it slipped under the radar compared to, say, a burning Muni bus.

The suspects are still at large and the SFPD is investigating. This is a portion of a statement issued by the Park Branch Station a few days ago:

"The homicide is being investigated by detectives from Park Station. The suspects are at large. If anyone has information that can help in the investigation, or if you might know someone who saw some or all of the altercation, or anything else that just might be relevant, please contact the SFPD."

You can call the Park Branch anonymous tip line at 731-2865.