The Other Haight-Ashbury

We write this thing every day, so natch, we have some google alerts set up for all the various nicknames for the hood, right? Well, we always see alerts for some band from Glasgow, Scotland called Haight-Ashbury.

We thought it was time we checked 'em out.

They formed in 2007, and took their name from your favorite neighborhood and ours. They're influenced by all the bands one associates with the Haight: Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead. They have a more modern sound, though, with heavy emphasis on female vox, which gives them a folky feel. They're sort of jangly psychedelic pop, which we think fits the current aesthetic of the 'hood pretty well.

Here's what seems to be their most popular song:

They had an album come out in March of this year. It's available on iTunes and Spotify, and their record label, Lime Records, posted their videos to youtube, if you want to check them out before you head over to Amoeba.

Now you know! We'll keep 'em on the radar and let you know if they ever come to town.