Update: Giants Night Death Re-Classed

We reported briefly last week about the possible hooliganism-related death that occurred last week when a World Series celebration on Haight resulted in someone being knocked on the head and, later, dying of the injury.

The police are now re-classing and investigating the incident as a possible accident, rather than as a suspicious death or a homicide, which is what they reported in last week's notice sent to the community.

The death set off alarm bells for people who were on Haight during the World Series celebration and didn't remember seeing anything suspicious. It's now looking like the death was the result of an accident, and not the work of a group or individual, although the details are a little fuzzy.

A witness who spoke with the victim's friends on the night of the event, and who works on Haight and was working at the time of the incident, said she thought there was some confusion about what happened, and what the police thought happened, and what people were assuming had happened.

What she saw the night of the celebration was people dragging mattresses into the street between Clayton and Ashbury after 10 PM and jumping on and from them. She said that one of her friends was with the man who was injured, possibly in a fall or while jumping, and was with him before he went to the hospital later that night with head trauma.

The police are continuing the investigation but treating the event as an accident, for now; they're still looking for eyewitnesses or someone who might have caught footage on a phone or camera.

The good news out of all of this is, at least it wasn't a deliberate act. Our thoughts go out to the victim and his friends and family.
With reporting from Anelia Luciow.