Election Day Eve Roundup

We don't have to tell you what tomorrow is. So, here's the state of things.

For general information, you can't beat Google's Voter Information site. Not only can you enter your address to find your polling place if you don't already know it, but once it knows where you are, it tells you everyone you'll be voting for, from federal elections to local.

As for the D5 race, SF Gate is calling it "the hottest race in town." Aside from being closely contested, the appointed supervisor Christina Olague has been heavily criticized for her vote to reinstate Mirkarimi. An "independent expenditure campaign" funded by Ron Conway has sprung up to unseat Olague, and SF Gate reports that so far they've raised $100,000.

Other scandals include Davis's "alleged groping incident", and London Breed's profanity-laden rant at the Fog City Journal (which she apparently stands by).

So far, nobody's been able to forecast which was the race will go. The Huffington Post reports that half of D5's residents haven't decided who they'll support on Tuesday.

Which, of course, makes it even more important that you get out there and vote!