What to Do With Your Retired Jack-O-Lantern

Well, Halloween happened. We'd planned to post a photo montage of costumes spotted around the 'hood, but the rain sort of ruined our picnic. We got this one great shot this morning of a troupe of kiddos dressed as robots and cheeseburgers (above), and then the night became sort of anticlimactic.

Even for a weeknight Halloween the street seemed pretty quiet. There were lots of reverse trick-or-treaters (they give YOU candy!), tons of people in Giants gear, and several folks huddled on stoops out of the drizzle, but not a lot of proper San Francisco Halloween pride in the neighborhood.

So instead, let's talk about pumpkin pie. 'Tis officially the season.

First, you can use your pumpkin's flesh to make puree. Smitten Kitchen has a great tutorial.

Then, you can use the puree to make pie. We like ours simple. Some nutmeg, some cinnamon, some allspice, a little ginger, some condensed milk, a basic crust, and some fresh whipped cream.

What do you do with your leftover pumpkins? We've heard of everything from facial scrubs to planters, to cocktails. Or, do you just smash 'em for old time's sake?

Also, feel free to share your favorite pumpkin pie recipe. We won't steal it, we swear.