Winter is Coming

And the night is dark and full of terrors Which of course means the Holidays are coming!

The Haight Ashbury Merchants Association (HAMA) has some fun plans in store for the 'hood this season.

Basically, they've allocated some money for holiday decorations, but not the white lights in trees you're thinking of. They want to up the ante this year. Their plan has two parts.

The first part: Instead of doing all the trees in white lights, which cost them basically their entire bank last year, they're going to pick a few select trees - most likely one on each block from Masonic to Stanyan - and do 'em up big.

Instead of just being holiday trees with lights on them, HAMA is hoping they'll be more like art installations. Each tree would have a different theme and motif, and they would be up from mid-November to mid-January.

Here's where you come in: they're looking for community input. If you could make 4 art installations that represented the Haight at any point in its history (or present!), what would they be? Would you look at the Haight through the decades? Would you showcase its present-day diversity and spirit? Would you do something else entirely?

This is your chance to really have an impact on the way the neighborhood will be represented during one of its busiest seasons, so make sure you leave your ideas in the comments! You'll have through this week to submit ideas, because next week is installation.

Part two: HAMA will be encouraging merchants to make holiday window displays. The best holiday window display - as decided by you, readers - will win that business a $500 prize ($250 toward a year's membership with HAMA, and $250 in cash). When it's time to vote, we'll throw up a poll.

Don't forget: leave your ideas in the comments! We're excited to hear them.