Local Resident Warns of PG&E Scam

A Lower Haight resident emailed us to warn of an apparent scam from someone claiming to be a PG&E inspector attempting to gain access to her home.

The resident, who lives near Laussat and Buchanan, described the situation:

"[I] got a bogus PG&E service report requesting an appointment for a gas meter inspection. They crossed out the PG&E number and asked me to call a 949 number. Naturally suspicious, given the crime in the neighborhood, I called PG&E. They have no record of needing to do a gas meter inspection and said it was not their policy to have technicians use personal numbers to reschedule."

She reported the incident to the police, and says that PG&E is also investigating the situation.

There have been a number of crimes in San Francisco recently in which thieves posing as public utility workers enter people's homes, only to rob them of valuables. In one 2010 incident, a Russian Hill woman was murdered by a man who entered her apartment posing as a utility worker checking on a gas leak in the neighborhood.

If you receive any similarly suspicious requests to inspect your home, you can check with PG&E by calling 800-PGE-5000. And if it turns out to be a scam, or isn't PG&E related, call the SFPD Fraud Unit at 553-1521.