PHOTOS: Garage Door Wish List to Santa on Sanchez

Pens for Wish List

Every year since I moved to San Francisco, one of my neighbors that lives on Sanchez between Market and 16th has decorated their home and their sidewalk garden for nearly every major holiday of the year. My favorite is for the month of December. Their sidewalk garden gets a small pine tree, decorated with lights and ornaments with a sign in front of it that reads,

The Friendship Christmas Tree. Add an ornament and "you'll make a friend". Steal an ornament and "you'll lose a friend".

Their garage gets covered with large strips of white paper that reads at the top, "Wish list to Santa." They have pens on ribbons attached to the side of the garage so that people can add their own wish to the paper; wishes for peace and happiness, for a happy family, for cameras and other goodies.

This presentation of good will and trust is truly a sight to see. Consider stopping by between Market and 16th on Sanchez with a loved one and write your wish onto the wish list.

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