UPDATE: Petrelis vs. Wiener, Let's Get Ready to RrrummmBBLLEE!!

Supporters and Michael Petrelis (Center) and his lawyer, Dereck St, Pierre (Right) Photo: KTVU

Step up to the ring folks-things are about to get dicey, once again, in local Castro, Queer political circles.

As the Biscuit posted on Nov. 30th, Dist. 8 Sup. Scott Wiener asked the SF District Attorney's office to press charges against Michael Petrellis, longtime LGBTQ activist, blogger, and local politician's nightmare, for violating criminal codes while attempting to take pix of the Supe peeing in a city hall bathroom back in October. Petrelis posted about the attempted glimpse of Wiener's wiener incident on his blog Oct. 27th. In it the offending published pix had no penis portrayed just the Supe, bent over a basin, tooth brush in hand, practicing another oral skill-good gum and teeth hygiene.

On Wednesday Mr. Petrellis found himself in court where he pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct. In addition he was ordered by Judge Donna Little to stay at least 150 feet away from the Supervisor at all times. Mr. Petrelis' attorney, Dereck St Pierre, argued the restraining order was unjust as Mr. Wiener is a public official and Petrelis merely a citizen. He also added that the order would cause undue hardship and keep his client from pursuing his journalistic endeavors.

Judge Little didn't buy that argument. She believed that Mr. Petrelis had exhibited a pattern of harassing behavior. Supporters of Mr. Petrelis bearing signs that said, 'I LIKE MIKE', disagreed with the judges ruling bemoaning that it was actually a violation of Mr. Petrelis' first amendment rights.

Sup. Scott Wiener at a recent City Hall hearing not feeling the love. Photo: Luke Thomas

Mr. Weiner's original complaint highlighted what he told the Sheriff Dept has been, "an ongoing history of inappropriate and harassing behavior" and that he (Petrelis) "had yelled at me in public before as a result of political disagreements." That is a bit of an understatement as even we here at The Biscuit have seen Mr. Petrelis with a bullhorn on at least one occasion shouting out at the Supe his 'disagreements' over policy, ideology, MUMC, bench removal at Harvey Milk Plaza, the nudity ban, Gay Flag usage, leadership/or lack of leadership and direction of the legacy of the Queer community and it's politics here in the Castro whose reins now lie in the hands of Mr. Wiener.

This political and legal tug of war will now wind it's way back through the court as Mr. St. Pierre has said they will fight this charge to the fullest extent. Mr. Petrelis was uncharacteristically mum post hearing allowing his lawyer to do all the talking. We will keep you abreast of the developments as they happen but at the end of this skirmish we are posting a score of Wiener 1, Petrelis 0.

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