Catching Up With Three Twins

It's been over a year since the fire at Haight and Fillmore. Build-out on the street level storefronts and apartments above continues, but one of the most important questions that remains is: "When is Three Twins coming back?"

We pass that corner several times a week, always feeling a slight pang from the hole in our heart (or maybe that's our stomach) that can only be filled by a scoop of Dad's Cardamom covered in the Twins' signature burnt caramel sauce.

But fear not, ice cream fans. We recently spoke with Three Twins founder Neal Gottlieb, who assured us that our favorite sweet treats are headed back to the Lower Haight.

"Our Lower Haight shop should reopen some time in the summer," says Neal, though he couldn't offer a firm date. "We'll have to see what happens between now and then."

We asked if he might shed some light on any new flavors Three Twins might have coming down the pipe. We were hoping Neal might play ball and give us a a preview of what's to come.

"I can't — OK, I could, but I won't — discuss what those are quite yet. Other than the fact that they are phenomenal."

And speaking of playing ball, whatever happened to "Sergio Romo's Mexican Chocolate," an idea Three Twins posted to their Facebook account after the Giants' World Series victory (and Romo's awesome/controversial victory party t-shirt)? Neal tells us that Three Twins did reach out to Romo's agent about the idea. "I am waiting to hear back."

While you wait for Three Twins to return, don't forget that you can still find pints at several stores in the neighborhood, including Golden Natural on Church Street, and Haight Fillmore Whole Foods, across the street from the former — and future — home of Three Twins.