Market SF to Close, Relocate

Market SF, a shop within a shop at 541 Octavia, has announced that it will be closing on Sunday and moving to a new location.

Astute Hayeswire readers may recall our profile of the market when it opened back in April inside of RAG SF. In its own words, Market SF "specializes in helping artists find patrons... and patrons find art they love. Our goal is to help artists get their art out of their studio and into the hands of art lovers."

Recently, owner Jennifer Meyer announced that the shop is now seeking a permanent location. As such, it will be closing this Sunday, January 13th, with many items marked down from now through the weekend.

As for the next move, Meyer writes, "We have several leads on amazing spaces in a few up and coming neighborhoods. Although we want to scream from the highest mountain how excited we are about the new concept and give you our new permanent address, we're holding ourselves back until everything is confirmed. Don't despair... we hope to fill you in by March 1."

We'll let you know where Market SF ends up!