Move Over, Fleet Week - Here Comes Meat Week

Avert your eyes, vegetarians — a meat-eating marathon is coming to town.

The tradition, dubbed Meat Week, began in Florida in 2005. Since then, it has spread to more than 25 cities around the country. According to the Meat Week website:

"Each January, for 8 consecutive nights, people across the country gather over piles of BBQ. In every participating city, there is a devoted Captain who creates the schedule of restaurants."

Starting tomorrow, Meat Week hits San Francisco, and on Tuesday night, its target destination is our very own Memphis Minnies. Other BBQ stops include CatHead's in SoMa, Baby Blues BBQ in Bernal, and Southpaw in the Mission. At the end of the week, participants vote for their favorites, and celebrate with a group meal near Alamo Square.

If you think you can stomach eight crazy nights of meatmania, or even just a few nights thereof, you're encouraged to email meatweeksf [at] gmail {{dot}} com so they can get a rough headcount. Then, when the week is over and you're so full of animal proteins that you can barely type, come back here and let us know how it went.