New AT&T Towers Activated at Haight and Steiner

It's been a long time coming, but those AT&T towers on the roof of 255 Steiner have finally been put into service.

It was nearly two years ago that we first learned that the towers were coming. After a few months of meetings and delays, the antennas were installed last summer. Apparently, though, they only passed their final inspections a couple of weeks ago.

On Monday, multiple readers received an email from AT&T stating:

AT&T is dedicated to keeping you connected where you live, work and play. We thought you'd be excited to hear that we've expanded coverage in San Francisco by building a new cell site:
  • Located near Steiner Street and Haight Street

New towers are just part of our drive to give you clear calls, reliable connections and fast speeds.

So if you're an AT&T subscriber in the Lower Haight, your reception should theoretically be better now. Notice any difference? Let us know.