Swap It: Lower Haight vs. Hayes Valley

A reader writes in with an interesting proposition.

"A friend of mine from Hayes Valley and I have been engaging in some friendly smack talk since the results of the Curbed Cup was announced... We started discussing what in our neighborhoods we would trade with each other. I, for example, would trade The Wiggle for Blue Bottle, Molotov's for Marlena's). I think this could be an interesting topic for your next open thread piece. I suspect there are a lot of people down the hill (oops, smack again...) who would like to get Wing Wings down their block."

So for your Sunday, we thought it would be fun to know what you covet most about our nextdoor neighborhood, and what you think might be a fair tradeoff. Our friends over at Hayeswire are going to do the same. Who knows, maybe we can make a deal.