Traffic Camera Coming to Octavia and Market

The dangerous intersection of Market and Octavia might get a little safer.

The Examiner reported yesterday that a camera will be installed at the red light to catch people making illegal right turns from Market Street onto the freeway entrance ramp.

In October, the intersection was declared San Francisco's most dangerous, with more than 30 injury-causing crashes over the past three years.

There are already no-right-turn signs, and a concrete island that makes the maneuver difficult, but that doesn't stop some drivers from making the illegal turn. In the process, they cross both a bike lane and a crosswalk:

Google Maps

The traffic camera was approved last week by Attorney General Kamala Harris after being held up for years, partly due to a lack of precedent. Cameras have been used to catch people running red lights before, but not making illegal right turns, the Examiner reports.

Now funding must be secured, and a contract put out for bids, so the camera is still a ways off from being installed. We'll keep an eye on it.