Your Hayes Valley Gym Guide

Well, it's January, and you know what that means: it's time to start fulfilling your New Year's Resolutions — especially those of you who want to focus on your fitness.

Lucky for you, Hayes Valley has quite the array of workout locations, many of which focus on fitness of body and spirit. We've collected a list of some of the various gyms and studios around the neighborhood. Who knows? Maybe one of these places will help you accomplish that goal of yours.

Bay Area Combat Sambo (1586 Market)
Practice: Martial Arts
Membership: Drop-ins and class packages available (prices varied)

This mini-studio houses not only Hayes Valley’s own home for Russian Sambo, but it also hosts Lumen Fitness's boot camps in the morning and San Francisco Shuai Chiao (Chinese-style wrestling). As of January 19th, the space will also have belly dancing classes on every third Saturday.

According to Robert Terlizzi of FitFight, Inc., owner of the Bay Area Combat Sambo, they've built "two changing rooms, temporary member gear storage, and have ASA Men's and Women's bathrooms." But showers are not available yet, Rob says.

Hasti Pilates (650 Laguna)
Practice: Pilates
Membership: Contact for pricing

This studio is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of Pilates, and also for those Pilates trainers who want to refine and learn new skills. According to their website, “Pilates is a powerful tool for self awareness. At Hasti we meet each client at their level of movement, and work to increase both their strength and flexibility with a combination of patience, curiosity and humor.”

Informed Yoga (389 Grove Street)
Practice: Pilates, Yoga, Gryotonic, Personal Training, Yoga
Membership Costs: Prices varied depending on private, semi-private or group sessions (view rates)

The key here is finding compatibility between the instructor and your individual needs. Different trainers are skilled in the various areas of Pilates, gyrotonics, yoga and personal training. Kettlebell training is also a style taught here for improving strength and endurance.

Krav Maga Institute (539 Gough)
Practice: Varied
Membership: Drop-ins and monthly (inquire with institute)

This studio is part of a Bay Area chain that specializes in teaching anything from protecting yourself with Krav Maga, an eclectic self-defense curriculum developed in Israel, (hey, may come in handy if the crime rate in the Valley continues to rise) to strength training with kettlebells. Courses offered are designated for ages 14 years old and up, but programs geared towards kids (6 - 9) and teens (10 - 13) are also available. View a schedule of their classes at the Hayes Valley location here.

Live Fit Gym (301 Fell)
Practice: Varied
Membership: Monthly ($57 and up)

Located at the corner of Gough and Fell, this is definitely one of Hayes Valley’s more visible gyms. According to their website, the club offers "affordable chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, personal training, pilates and synergistic exercise classes." You can start at the basic package ($57 per month), which gets you basic gym access, or add more bells and whistles, including two weekly acupuncture or chiropractic sessions. View their rates here.

Pilates Native (650 Laguna)
Practice: Pilates
Membership: $55 and up (view rates)

This Pilates studio is run by owner Emily Rupp, who was trained by Romana Kryzonowska, who was one of the last students taught by Joseph Pilates himself.

Yoga Tree (519 Hayes)
Practice: Yoga (varying styles)
Membership: Daily, monthly and yearly passes available (view rates)

This local Bay Area chain has a studio nestled right in the heart of Hayes Valley. This studio, in particular, has 15 or so instructors that teach various levels of yoga styles. Classes range from those designated for beginners to those in which the classroom is heated above 80 degrees.

POP! Pilates on Page (40 Page Street)
Practice: Pilates
Membership: $55 and up (view rates)

This studio has six dedicated trainers at its disposal and loads of Pilates equipment. The classes range from beginners level to a more advanced training for Pilates aficionados, and vary from mat ($17 per session) to springboard classes. See their class schedule here.

Did we miss a fitness center? Or do you have a suggestion about a place in the Valley to work out outside of a gym? Let us know in the comment section or email us at tips [at] hayeswire {{dot}} com.