A Local's Farewell to Hayes Valley

You'd probably get nostalgic too, if you were moving away from a neighborhood you've called home for the past 19 years.

That's the case with one local resident, who has compiled a list of observations he has made during his two decades in Hayes Valley.

In a post on his blog, resident George Nixon recalls the Hayes Valley of the mid '90s, just after the earthquake-damaged freeway was torn down but before the ensuing gentrification transformed the neighborhood.

He notes the businesses which have survived the many changes in the neighborhood, like Suppenkuche, Place Pigalle, Marlena's and Moishe's Pippic. He bemoans some of the changes that gentrification has brought — expensive shoes, daytime visitors who disappear at night, the invention of the moniker "Hayes Valley" by realtors. And he recalls a time when the projects were more dire, the streets more violent, and the drug dealing more prevalent — although there are still remnants of that era today.

Click through to enjoy all of George's reflections. It's definitely a worthwhile read both for those who are long-time residents, and those who are new to the neighborhood.

And if you're reading this, George, best of luck wherever you end up next. Just be sure to come back and visit once in a while.