Duboce Triangle Faces Rising Homelessness

The Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association met last week to address the rising presence of homelessness in the area.

The Examiner reports that merchants in Duboce Triangle have noticed a definite increase in the number of homeless people outside their shops in recent months. With that increase have come new incidences of violence and theft.

Merchants contacted by the Examiner don't have a strong explanation for the influx of homeless people into the neighborhood. One theory is that they're being forced out of nearby areas due to the removal of public seating, while another claims that empty storefronts like the former Home restaurant (and future Chipotle) at Church and Market create inactive spaces where homeless people can more easily congregate.

The Examiner notes that many homeless people may have substance abuse or mental health issues, "but if a homeless person denies services, there's not much that can be done." So police and residents are limited in how they can address the issue.

There are no easy answers for this one obviously, but if you have a suggestion for how we can reduce homelessness in the area (and the city overall), feel free to leave a comment below.