Endangered Pork: Rally for Bacon Bacon

We were tipped off about a threat to Bacon Bacon, everyone's favorite local mobile pork delivery device and Haight pork kitchen.

We spoke with Jim, Bacon Bacon's proprietor, who told us that although the storefront at 205A Frederick filed for a conditional use permit when it moved into the space, the laws regulating conditional use changed in May of 2012, and the business had to reapply under different criteria.

Restaurant and small business permitting is notoriously difficult in San Francisco, and Bacon Bacon is currently in the process of negotiating the latest series of hurdles from the city to keep the storefront where it lives.

Specifically, the new permitting application allows neighbors to oppose and block the permit for Bacon Bacon to continue its existence at 205A Frederick.

"So," said Jim, "the neighbors across the street have a couple of issues with us." The technical opposition is that having two related businesses (Bacon Bacon does commerce with the Ashbury market next door) violates city code, although, Jim said, "honestly what's going on is [the neighbors] don't like commerce on the street. They don't like people talking on their cell phones while they're waiting outside because that disrupts them. And they don't like people sitting on their steps to eat their lunch."

Which is fine, he said, but there's a chance that a vocal minority of opposing neighbors might block a business that benefits the whole neighborhood.

So on Tuesday, February 12, at 7 PM, you can show up at 205A Frederick to show your support (or air your grievances--all views are welcome) and have an open discussion with the owners of Bacon Bacon and other neighbors.

Jim said Bacon Bacon was committed to assuaging people's concerns about keeping the business at its present location, and to working with neighbors to benefit the community at large.