Grassroot Push Underway to Rename SFO Harvey Milk Int'l: Website/Petition Launched, Rally Friday at

Image by JR Church
Image by JR Church

As the Biscuit's posted Sup. David Campos wants to rename SFO for slain, civil rights leader, LGBT legend and Castro resident/business man, Harvey Milk.

Resistance to the plan has been vocal and from a variety of SF political corners hoping to quash the proposal.

Friday, Supervisor Campos and supporters in favor of amending the City Charter allowing the name change to occur, are holding a rally at City Hall.

The goal: bring the cause to the people. Let a Harvey Milk styled, grassroots, multi-community, populace based movement drive the campaign so the  dream of many becomes a reality.

According to the newly launched support blog, HarveyMilkSFO, organizations and political individuals of all walks of life have endorsed the name change. Groups like NoH8 Campaign, EQCA, and the National Lesbian Gay Task Force have been enlisted. To date twenty local, state and national groups have signed on and the list grows daily.

Some heavy hitters from the political world have added fame, name and historical klout as well: Dolores Huerta, co-founder of United Farm Workers, Cleve Jones, Names Project Founder, Troy Perry founder of Metropolitan Community Churches. Additionally most current SF Supervisors including Dist. 8's Scott Wiener, former Supes, CA politico powerhouses, Carol Migden and Tom Ammiano and a string of who's who amongst the City's movers and shakers.

The Harvey Milk Foundation helmed by Stuart Milk, Harvey's nephew, and Anne Kronenberg, Milk's campaign manager from his world changing, successful bid to become the country's first out politician elected to major office are also enthusiastic supporters.

"My uncle gave everything to the cause of civil rights. Now he needs your help.” Stuart Milk  was quoted as saying in regard to Friday's rally and the grassroot effort currently underway.

The Rally's event page on Facebook further fleshes out the reasoning behind the name change:

80 airports in the United States are named after individuals; not one is named after a LGBT leader. Airport naming is a common honor, and has been used extensively to identify values and leaders important to a region. Yet the LGBT community is currently excluded.


Harvey Milk is the most important figure in San Francisco’s LGBT history and deserves an honor of this magnitude. He was the first Gay man to win elective office in San Francisco, an authentic political hero, and world-renowned leader for civil rights. Adding Harvey’s name to the airport is a fitting honor. It will forward the civil rights cause for which he lived and died.


Being Gay is illegal in 77 countries, and Gay youth continue to be bullied, discriminated against and excluded. Adding Harvey Milk’s name to SFO will send a national and international message about the struggle for equality. With Gay rights on the national agenda and before the Supreme Court, this is the right time and place to educate the 40 million passengers a year who fly through SFO.

The rally is set for Friday, February 22nd at noon on the Polk Street side steps of City Hall.

Interested parties may also sign the petition thats been drafted by Stuart Milk in favor of the name change. At post time the petition had garnered nearly 20K signatures.

You can also keep abreast of the campaign as events unfold by following Sup. Campos' Twitter feed or adding your 'like' on his Facebook page.

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