McDonald's Proposing Drive-Thru ... Again

We got a tip that McDonald's at Haight & Stanyan was just bought out, and the first change the new owner wants to make? A Drive-Thru Window.

The new owner's name is C. C. Yin. During last week's community meeting at Park Police Station, he put the idea to build a drive-thru window to the community. There were some protestations in the meeting, and then an email chain went out urging community members to send Mr. Yin a "polite but no-nonsense" email with your feelings about the drive-thru.

We contacted Mr. Yin for comment, but so far, we haven't heard back.

According to HANC's History page on their website, McDonald's tried to install a drive-thru in 1993, but were blocked by HANC and other community members. The email sent to tips promises to fight again to keep a drive-thru from happening.