Memorial Tomorrow For Ernesto Acosta

A memorial will be held tomorrow for Ernesto 'Xe' Acosta at the intersection of Hayes and Webster, the location where he was gunned down early Sunday morning.

SF Weekly notes that family and friends of the 23-year-old have set up a Facebook page to share memories of Acosta and information about the investigation.

Around 2am Sunday morning, police received a report of gunfire near the corner of Hayes and Webster. Acosta was found on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound, and was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. So far, police have not announced a suspect or motive for the crime.

Acosta's family and friends are planning a candlelight vigil tomorrow (Saturday) at 5:30pm at the intersection. The vigil will be preceded at 4pm by a ceremony in Alamo Square featuring Aztec dancers, after which it will proceed to Hayes and Webster, according to the Facebook page.

Meanwhile, one Haighteration reader who knew Acosta sent us the above photo, and the following statement:

"This morning I found out that the victim is actually one of the best people I've ever met during my time here in SF. Ernesto Xe Acosta and I worked together at Ben n Jerrys when I was 19 and I've never met such a good-hearted man. He'd drive me home from late closing shifts in his classic baby blue VW Buggy (too many great laughs in that vehicle) so that I didn't have to deal with the sketchy aspects of working and living near Haight St. After we went our separate ways, he would still greet me with the largest smiles and hugs when we'd run into each other around the city. You might have recognized him from Whole Foods. Long beautiful hair and a large cheerful smile. This news is severely heartbreaking and I just want to show my respects and condolences to all of Xe's loved ones that I know for a fact he loved dearly. I love you Xe and I'll miss you! ll update with any developments in the case.