Pink Tree on Octavia To Be Removed

A tree wrapped in pink tape at the corner of Octavia and Linden is slated to be removed by the Department of Public Works this month.

The reason? It's dead.

Carla Short, an Urban Forester from the Department of Public Works, tells us via email that the reason behind the death of the tree — which she identifies as a non-fruiting flowering cherry — is unknown.

"We're not certain what killed it, but there is a concern that it may have become infected with a disease after some folks 'guerilla grafted' fruiting stock onto these trees," Short writes.

She adds that it was only after the tree was declared dead that a nearby business owner had it wrapped in pink as an "art project." (We're unsure of the identity of said business, but if you're reading this, feel free to step forward...)

Two other trees on the block are also dead, Short says, though she does not know what has been causing the trees to die. DPW will remove and replace all three trees.

So if you've been meaning to Instagram this bright pink addition to the local streetscape, get on down to Patricia's Green right quick. It'll be with us through Valentine's Day, appropriately, but not much longer than that.