Please Don't Destroy The Neighborhood Today

The Niners are going to win the Super Bowl today.

Or maybe they won't.

Either way, here's something we can safely predict: the Super Bowl definitely won't be worth destroying the neighborhood over.

So before you go breaking a window, or setting a trash can on fire, or hopping on top of a stranger's car, remember: you are an adult, and it's just a game, and some unlucky soul will have to clean up your mess in the morning.

Now, for those who are able to enjoy the game responsibly, we want to see your pics. Hosting a Super Bowl party in the neighborhood? Watching at a local bar? Seeing some amazing displays of Niners (or Ravens) pride out there? We want to see it.

Send us your pics — you can tweet 'em to us (@haighteration), email us (tips [at] haighteration {{dot}} com), or post them on our Facebook page, and we'll compile them for the world to see. Sorry, we're not on Instagram. At least we don't think so.

Have fun, be safe, GO NINERS.