Who's Hungry? 10 Amazing Plates for 10 Bucks from 10 Castro Restaurants

Frito Chile Pies
Frito pie photo via Foodspotting user Viet Noms courtesy of 7x7SF

In a recent post about Frances, the Castro's highly revered and only Michelin Star earning restaurant, a Biscuit reader bemoaned in our comment section, "This is no surprise (about Frances accolades)..and though the Castro is 'packed to the grills' with restaurants, an epicurious delight it is not."

We hear that a lot as we meander around the neighborhood keeping our eyes and ears peeled for new posts to entertain you with. Repeatedly, from across the board, that though the neighborhood is well populated with places to chow down, in truth, many complain that most are gastronomic nightmares.

On top of that sad opinion many of these eateries are also quite pricey. Getting out of any for under twenty dollars a meal is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish.

The Biscuit had in our 'posts to do' list an idea about picking out the best of the best spots  to grab killer grub in the Castro that wouldn't break the bank. Before we had a chance to finish up our plate by plate research a local blog we admire, 7x7SF, beat us to the punch compiling, "The Best 10 Dishes Under $10 in the Castro."

We reviewed their selections and found many of their picks to mimic ours.

For example the yummy Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai from Thai House Express (599 Castro St.) or the addictive Garden Noodles created at Chow (215 Church St.) whose bowl of organic goodness is without compare. Or my favorite place to grab lunch, Chile Pies (415 Church St.), who offer along side sweet and unusual dessert pies a selection of sumptuous, savory options like Chicken Pot Pies or Classic New Mexican Frito Pie.

Visit 7x7SF for their complete 'Top 10' list of Castro restaurants that we happily, and with sated appetites, heartily endorse. They are all worthy finds within the neighborhood.

Eating these menu treasures may help offset all the complaints and disappointments you might be trying to erase from your palettes memory from other less creative eateries.

-Thanks to 7x7SF


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